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10.16.14 Test shoot in the backyard with the 70D.

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Playing with the bugs. || Again.

No idea what this wee creature is, but he sure is cool to look at, and photograph.

Edit: Thanks to an awesome friend, I have an answer!

This guy is a Colorado potato beetle. :]

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Temptation was relentless. There really was no battle. She won.

Welcome to the fold, Canon 70D, welcome!

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A little cemetery humour; Beware! Of the hazardous stakes left behind, by vampire hunters?

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Cemetery. //Detail.

Bath, Ontario dates back to the American Revolution. Once an important community, site of historic battles of 1812 and settled by United Empire Loyalists, it maintains some of the oldest buildings in Canada.

We visit on Canada Day for the parade, and of course, cemetery exploration ;]

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The ant goes marching… around the washroom sink.

We had a wee formicidae visitor today, in the washroom. So the olloclip was busted out and some snaps were made.

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And then there were two. //Casualties of nature.

We found a wee birds nest yesterday, under some brush being removed from the property, and put it up in a tree for safety. …Today, the wind knocked it down.

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What's your opinion on getting a tattoo without a deeper meaning? I'm getting my first tattoo on Friday, I know what I want and I already have an appointment. The only thing is whenever I describe what I'm getting to someone they always ask "why are you getting it, what does it mean?" Is getting a tattoo for the sake of the art a bad thing? Because thats how I've been justifying it.

Asked by tyleracampora


I think the idea that all tattoos should have a meaning is ridiculous. In my opinion it all stems from popular tattoo tv series’, LA Ink for example, where every client has a massive back-story as to why they’re getting tattooed, and people have the misconception that every tattoo in the world has a meaning behind it. A lot of my tattoos have meaning, but some don’t. Some I got because I wanted them, some I got because I loved the artwork, some I had the main idea/concept for and then let my tattoo artist run with it and loved what she designed therefore I got it done. 

The way I see it is, it’s my body. I can do what I want to myself without having to justify it to others. Same with the clothes I wear, the colour I dye my hair, the amount (small or great) of make-up I wear. My choice. I get the question constantly, why did I get tattoos on my hands. “Um, because I wanted them there?”.  I’ve even had someone say “do you even know what that means?” in reference to a symbol I have on my knuckle. (No, I got it permanently etched into the one body part that I can pretty much never cover up and I don’t know the meaning behind it…. ffs, haha). Unfortunately negative comments come attached with being tattooed - it sucks, and it shouldn’t be that way, but it is. My view is, if you want something tattooed on your body and you’re 100% sure you want it, get it. Why not? It doesn’t have to have a massive story behind it, it doesn’t have to mean anything, you can get something just because you think it’s beautiful or interesting or unique. Go for it. 

You have one life to live and one body to live in, life is too short to worry about what other people think of you!


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